Alexandria VA Drug Charge Attorney

What is the criminal defense law against drug crimes in Virginia law code?

  1. Transporting Controlled Substances into Virginia (Section 18.2-248.01)
  2. Possession of Controlled Substances (Section 18.2-250)
  3. Possession of Marijuana (Section 18.2-250.1)
  4. 1st Time Offense of Possession of Controlled Substances: Probation (Section 18.2-251)
  5. Distributing Controlled Substances to Minors (Section 18.2-255)
  6. Selling, Distributing Controlled Substances Near Certain Areas (Section 18.2-255.2)
  7. Conspiracy to Commit Drug-Related Offense (Section 18.2-256)
  8. Attempting to Commit a Drug-Related Offense (Section 18.2-257)

Understanding criminal laws in Virginia

The criminal laws related to drug charges in Alexandria, VA, are very complicated and critical for a person to understand. For instance, if a person is caught with possession of a dollar bill, which has remains of any drug such as cocaine powder or marijuana he will still be charged with possessing a drug. Although it is the duty of the prosecutor to prove that you were actually carrying the drug, but you will face the charges, accusation and might have to visit courtroom for hearing processes.

A professional legal attorney would help you in minimizing the legal troubles and with their experienced advises, you would even be able to free yourself from any false accusation.


In many states, possessing and using marijuana is illegal and the law enforcement authorities take serious actions against the person who is found possessing marijuana in any form.

Potential Penalties for a Marijuana possession

The penalties for possessing marijuana are:

  1. A jail time for a maximum period of 30 days
  2. A fine amounting up to $500

The above penalties can even increase if the person is caught with the similar offense for the second time. The increase penalties lead up to:

  1. A jail time for a maximum period of 12 months
  2. A fine amounting up to $2500

Other negative impacts of being charged with drug possession charges:

  1. Criminal record for committing misdemeanor in Virginia
  2. Insecure employment
  3. Buying properties or residential places
  4. Six months’ suspension of the driving license

What should I do if I am facing drug charges in Alexandria, Virginia?

If you are convicted for drug charges or you are arrested for possessing any drug, you are at a higher risk of losing all your freedom and rights. The Alexandria VA drug charges are pretty strict in dealing with drug offenders, and therefore, the law constituted by the legislation carries harsh punishments. To avoid this punishment, you should immediately exercise your right to stay silent and contact an experienced attorney. An experienced Alexandria VA drug charge attorney would have rich experience of mitigating such charges on the basis of their knowledge that they gained as a public defender.

Different professional attorneys deal with such numerous drug-related charges that include:

  1. Cocaine possession and distribution
  2. Complex drug distribution
  3. Conspiratorial drug cases
  4. First-time felony drug possession
  5. Marijuana residue
  6. Recreational drug use
  7. Simple drug and marijuana possession

We’re dedicated to advising you comprehensively regarding all of your rights and available legal options. This approach includes candid and frank assessments of your case.

Other punishable drug-related offenses

  1. Possession of drug paraphernalia
  2. Possession with intent to sell or distribute
  3. Providing marijuana to minors
  4. Second or subsequent possession charges (a Class 1 misdemeanor)