Carnal Knowledge of Certain Minors in Arlington Virginia

Carnal Knowledge is considered as the act of cunnilingus, fellatio, sexual intercourse, anal intercourse or the sexual penetration. In the Arlington Virginia, various cases of carnal knowledge against minors are reported. Age is the key factor in all the reported cases of carnal knowledge for both offender and accuser. It is confusing for minors and other public regarding the sex activities in Arlington Virginia. Carnal Knowledge of Certain Minors in Arlington Virginia is identified as the illegal act when the accused have the age of over 18 with someone younger than 15 in the consensual sex.

There is the rise in the statutory rape cases in the Arlington Virginia due to the inability of giving consent in the statue. Carnal knowledge comes in the section of 18.2-64.1 which states that accused individual can be detained or confined in jail due to the forceful act of carnal knowledge with minor or children below 15. However, there is a law of section 16.1-249 for Carnal Knowledge of Certain Minors in Arlington which described the facility that is to be provided to the confined minor. The accused minor will be guilty of class 6 felony and class 4 felony when the minor is on probation, furlough, leave or escaped from detention or custody.

Prosecution of Carnal Knowledge cases

If the victim is minor and has the age of less than 15, the prosecution takes the case more seriously. The focus of Commonwealth is heightened when the life of victim is put in danger due to Carnal Knowledge of Certain Minors in Arlington Virginia. The prosecution is required to prove three key elements that could get the accused to get the penalty or punishment for carnal knowledge with the minor. The first, defendant had forced a minor for sexual intercourse, second, it is against the will of the minor and the third, carnal knowledge was done through threatening the minor.

Penalties and Different Aspects of Carnal Knowledge

The penalties of carnal knowledge cases are based on the age of accused and accuser during the crime. If the accuser is below 15 at the time of carnal knowledge act then accused get the sentence of around 5 to 10 years. If the act of carnal knowledge repeats again then the accused can charge for the lifetime prison according to the law of Arlington Virginia. There are different aspects based on the Carnal Knowledge of Certain Minors in Arlington Virginia which has the high impact on the sentence of accused. The major aspect in the carnal knowledge case is either accused have the knowledge about the minor’s age or not, the penalties will be charged based on the severity of cases and on the basis of minor health.

Defences against Carnal Knowledge

There is an authority of defending for accused carnal knowledge case as the attorney can look for defences in different ways. Regarding the cases Carnal Knowledge of Certain Minors in Arlington Virginia, the defence is required to check the police’s action of the constitutional mandate of seizure law, the law of interrogation and mandate of search. Otherwise, accused will not be able to defence against the carnal knowledge cases.