Class 6 Felony

Class 6 felony is a crime that can lead to an incarceration sentence ranging from one to five years. Incarceration in jail is usually done for 12 months with an additional fine of up to $2,500. Although felonies are the most serious kinds of crimes, a class 6 felony is the least serious offense among all classes of felonies that can be committed by an individual. Among the many kinds of felonious acts include manslaughter, murder, arson, sexual assault, rape, as well as crimes like armed robbery, drug use, kidnapping, and tax crimes.

In a class 6 felony, as in all other classes of felonies, the individual that has committed a crime and any accomplice that may have aided or abetted the individual committing the felony may be charged. If a person has been in convicted of larceny before at least two times, then a felony may consist of a fine of $200 or more. To be considered as being convicted of larceny, it is not necessary that the concerned individual may have committed an actual act of larceny. There are certain crimes that fall under the category of larceny under the law such as fraud offense or bad checks. In addition, traffic offenses can also be considered a class 6 felony.

Practicing any profession without having the appropriate and valid license or training for it also fall under class 6 felonies. Another example of a class 6 felony is willingly giving a police officer the wrong address. Showing negligence in taking proper safety precautions can also be considered class 6 felonies. For instance, transporting dangerous chemicals or explosives unlawfully fall under a class 6 felony crime. Failure to comply with safety standards in the process of construction of a building can also result in a class 6 felony.

Certain sex crimes are also acts of class 6 felonies. Invasion of privacy of an adult for sexual gratification can be considered a class 6 felony. This may include acts of voyeurism or filming a person in the privacy of their home or some other locale. Failure to register as a sex offender is also a class 6 felony. However, sex crimes involving activities more severe than invading privacy can take the form of a higher class of felony. In addition, human trafficking is a class 6 felony under the law of most states in the US. Slavery, when forcibly extracted from an individual, can be tried as class 6 felonies.

A felony conviction can lead to great difficulties for the convicted, even after serving the punishment in terms of prison and fine. The greatest problem faced by felons is that they are denied the opportunity to pursue a respectable profession. In addition, the professional license can be revoked following a class 6 felony conviction. Individuals often find themselves being discriminated and permanently stigmatized for their past felony convictions. Therefore, the mere allegation of a felony can have serious consequences for the accused. It is recommended that the accused will seek our experienced lawyer who can help them protect their rights through proper guidance regarding what to expect following a class 6 felony accusation and possible conviction.