Driving Without Insurance in Chesterfield Virginia

Insurance is a must in order to drive in certain states of the US. As for Virginia, driving without insurance can lead to severe penalties, based on the likely situation that one has gotten himself into. In Virginia, the auto insurance has to be purchased and it must abide by Virginia’s minimum coverage requirements that have been listed below:

  • Bodily injury or death of 1 individual amounts to $25,000
  • Bodily injury or death of 2 individuals amount to $50,000
  • Property damage amounts to $20,000
  • Uninsured motorist BI (UM/UIMBI) per person amounts to $25,000
  • Uninsured motorist BI (UM/UIMBI) per accident amounts to $50,000
  • Uninsured motorist PD (UM/UIMPD) per accident amounts to $20,000

All registered vehicles are mandated by the Law to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage on the insurance. However, by paying an amount of $500 as uninsured motor vehicle (UMV) fee, you are allowed to drive without insurance in Virginia. But, occasions, where you may be asked to show proof of auto insurance, are:

  • Pulled over on the highway/ road
  • On receiving a notice from the DMV’s Insurance Verification Program

Driving without Insurance – Penalties Involved

If the DMV has established through an electronic insurance verification program that you do not have the appropriate insurance coverage to drive through the State, you will be penalized. The immediate penalty will cost you $500 in fine and loss of driving privileges. You may as well be faced with a suspension of your registration plates, as a result.  In addition to this, the charges applicable under a Class 3 misdemeanor will be imposed on perpetrators who fail to surrender license plates. A margin of 30 days is usually given to all drivers to submit a proof of auto insurance, in case you have been spotted by the DMV for not owning one. For reinstatement of driving privileges, an additional fine of $500 has to be paid, auto insurance must be purchased for your State, Financial Responsibility Insurance Certificate (SR-22) has to be filed with the DMV and reinstatement charges of $145 are to be paid as well.

The way out of penalties!

For all those, finding their way out of auto insurance, the $500 UMV fee can only allow uninsured drive within Virginia for a total of 12 months. This is not some sort of insurance coverage, rather the freedom to drive at your own risk, without having to face hefty penalties in the form of fines. If you get yourself in an accident on the highway or any other road, you cannot claim for insurance. But, this is nonetheless one way of having to avoid the auto insurance premium that you’d otherwise have to pay for. This 12-month duration may be renewed by paying the same amount again as soon as the time period expires. For all those convicted of driving without insurance in Chesterfield Virginia, each individual is granted an administrative hearing prior to imposition of any fines or suspensions.