Getting a Traffic Ticket in Fairfax County

The first thing you should find out when you receive a traffic ticket in Fairfax County is whether the traffic ticket entails a charge for a traffic infraction or a criminal offense. A conviction for a criminal charge in Fairfax County will be add to not only your driving record but will also add up as a criminal record. A criminal charge for traffic violation in Fairfax County will stay as you criminal record for life and there will be no possibility to remove it once you are convicted. A regular traffic ticket in Fairfax County for traffic infraction will be on visible over your driving record and stay there for a limited period of 3 years to 11 years based on the severity of the violation.

The Virginia DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) and the traffic court judge in Fairfax County are authorized to revoke a driver’s privilege to drive under a certain conditions. If you are charged with a criminal offense in Fairfax County then there will be a possibility that the court will suspend your driving license. In case you receive two or more traffic tickets within a period of single year than it is most possible that you will accumulate too many DMV demerit points against your driving license. In such circumstances the DMV will automatically restrict or revoke your privilege to drive. Therefore, it is not always feasible to prepay a traffic ticket and before doing so you must always make sure if accepting the charge may let DMV take away your license.

The penalties for a traffic ticket in Fairfax County against a non-criminal charge hardly ever go beyond $250. However there are a few exceptions such as traffic ticket for improper driving and traffic tickets issued in “Highway Safety Corridors” entails a fine of $500. In addition to these fines, there are court costs of $62 f you appear all by yourself and $97 if your attorney visits on your behalf, which are also accumulated with the fine. If a traffic ticket you receive cannot be prepaid or if the offense requires you to appear in court than it mean that you are being charged for a criminal offense. Whether you have receive a traffic ticket in Fairfax County for a traffic infraction or a criminal charge, it is always recommended to consult a traffic ticket lawyer before making any further move.