Maryland Child Pornography Crimes & Violations

Maryland Child Pornography Laws

Section 11-207 of the Maryland Criminal Code administers all of the child pornography laws or the offenses related to it.

  • In any situation or any way, involving any minor or child in any form of obscene matter or any performance which depicts a minor being involved in any sexual activity or sadomasochistic abuse.
  • Photographing or filming a minor in any situation or activity mentioned above
  • Using a computer or any other device and depicting or describing a minor or child engaging in any sexual activity or sadomasochistic abuse or any other sexual conducts
  • Any form of promotion, advertising, soliciting, keeping possession, distribution or any audio material having a minor involved in child pornography or any sexual conduct or sexual activity

Maryland Child Pornography Crime and Consequences

According to the Section 11-207, any individual who has convicted the crime, the penalties can be serious and severe. If it is first violation of the law, then there will be leverage, but that would still send the person to prison for a minimum of 10 years or a fine up to $20,000 or both. If the situation gets worse, the sentencing can exceed up to 20 years in prison at max and fine can exceed up to $25,000 or even more. The subsequent convictions will be the reason for exceeding the penalties.

The state courts, mostly, after completing the imprisonment or paying the fine, put the convicted person on probation. If the convicted person does commit any crime during the probation period, then there are even more serious consequences. In the probation period, there are few orders convicted person needs to follow, which are;

  • Attending education classes
  • House arrest
  • Purporting to a probation agent
  • Seeking continuing therapy
  • Limited access to the child

Sex Offender Registration

When you are convicted of the child pornography crime, it is up to the Court to decide whether it will be a federal charge or a state charge. In state court or Federal court, both cases will put the person in the sex offender registry. Depends on how long the period will be. Starts from 15 years which can go up to a whole lifetime. No Federal agency registers individuals. There are many state websites and Federal websites such as the National Sex offender Public Website which relates to all 50 states.

In these situations, a person must seek an attorney or a lawyer for their case. Any convicted person who is getting the sex offender tag can’t fight the case all on his own. Knowledge of the law and the case is necessary, and for that, the convicted person needs to contact the attorney or a lawyer.