Reckless Driving Richmond Virginia Points

Reckless Driving is defined as careless and improper driving. It is a type of driving in which a driver drives without any sense of responsibility. Reckless driving is a serious issue all around the globe. Every person who drives without being in their senses and in a careless manner, without taking care of security of people and property, is accused of such crime. In US it is considered as a very major crime especially in Virginia. Where, like other crime it is not really easy to get rid of this crime.

As we know that Virginia has very strict rules and regulations in term of reckless driving so somewhere hard punishments are imposed on people who actually drives recklessly. Although reckless driving is considered as a crime of high illegitimacy all around the globe but in case of U.S government, the rules are even stricter. Reckless driving can give hard time to those who are charged with this offense, because this is not a simple “pay and leave” kind of violation. Punishments usually given to the people are really tough and they are follow as:

  • Fine of up to 2500
  • A detainment of up to a half year, however in complex cases it can be up to a year
  • Suspension of license for some period of time

All these punishments are imposed on people when are being caught driving recklessly. Usually punishments and the penalties of reckless driving depends upon the circumstances. Sometimes judge lessen the time of punishment and sometime by taking a view on the past record of criminal judge can increase the time of punishment of the guilty criminal. Similarly it also depends upon the police officer that how much fine he is charging to someone and on which basis he is charging fine to the people. Sometimes they even charge you fine if they don’t find your way of driving appropriate

Virginia has many reckless driving laws. But Virginia law also lists different traffic violations that, if proven, leads to setup reckless driving. These includes

  • Driving with the faulty breaks
  • Not following the signals properly
  • Unsafe passing on a curve
  • failing to properly stop before entering a highway from a side street
  • racing another vehicle

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