Sex Crimes Lawyer Henrico

No matter how offensive sex crime is on which you have been charged in Richmond or its surrounding regions, you should seek advice from a sex crimes lawyer at Henrico. This is because it is the right of every person to have an advocate when accused by any charges, irrespective of the severity or complexity of the crime.

Sex Crime Lawyer Henrico

The lawyers, attorneys, or advocates understand and knows about the sensitive and sex-related crimes and their consequent charges because they are experienced enough and have dealt with numerous such cases. They are dedicated enough to assist you to move away and defend you from those sexual crimes charges even through the most challenging legal circumstances.

However, multiple sex crimes that stimulate the concept of “legal consent” but the sex crime lawyers Henrico can provide sufficient grounds and proofs that make a positive impact on your case by introducing a reasonable doubt in the case.

Types of Sex Crimes Hanover

Legally, Virginia laws are implicated in Hanover and the sex crimes lawyers Hanover usually deal with the legal clauses, strategies, or actions that are based on the sexual violence. There is two types of sexual offenses, i.e. generic sexual offenses and sexually violent offenses.

  • Sexually violent offenses include rape, any forcible sodomy, or an attempt to it
  • The aggravated sexual battery is also called violent offense when the components of sexual battery are found to be enhanced by the other factors including the extent of trust in the relationship such as sexual penetration by an object or animal and the consent age of the victim and the use of a weapon
  • Sexual abuse of a child under 15 years of age
  • Sexual battery or an attempt to it
  • Forced sex with an adult or with a child under 15 years
  • Sexual acts with the intention to transmit sexually transmitted diseases to the other person

Penalties in Charge of the Sex Crimes

You can understand the minute underpins of the Virginia law only when you consult the sex crime lawyer Henrico and the associated penalties that could be incorporated in your case.

  • Virginia code section 18.2.61 define that the rape of an adult by another adult will result in five years’ confinement, life imprisonment or fine that depends on the level of the sex crimes you have done.
  • Sexual intercourse with minors or with a person other than your spouse is legally a crime, especially in the minors. If the child is between 13-15 years, the offender will be subjected to class 4 felony, and there must be a minimum age difference of three years is present in between the offender and victim or minor.
  • The penalty for the aggravated sexual battery is incarceration of 1-20 years with a fine of $100,000.
  • In case of the forcible sex and sexual intercourse with a child over 15 years is charged, according to which the offender is sentenced to 12 months of confinement and $2,500 fine.

Generally most of the sex crimes lawyer Henrico is associated with the violent or non-violent sex crimes regardless of what type of offense you have done. Moreover, the primary objective of the lawyer is to save you from extensive charges, fine or sentences and to find out the best possible solution in which you are least charged with the sex crime.