Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer in Prince William – Virginia

What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual Assault, also called rape, is a term which, refers to any act of touching a person with sexual intentions, without their complete consent, with use of drugs, force, or coercion. Sexual Assault is a broad name, which is inclusive of the majority of sex crimes including rape, groping, and torture in sexual manner, and child or minor’s sexual abuse.

Laws on Sex Crimes – Prince William – Virginia

There are several different sexual acts, which might end you up in the criminal charges in the state of Virginia. Sexual assault, more commonly called rape, as per Prince William – Virginia law is defined as;

“Any act of engaging someone in sexual acts using force, coercion, intimidation, or under the influence of drugs or having sexual intercourse with children under the age of 13 or minor – above age 15 but below 18 years or with someone who is mentally or physically helpless” – Virginia Code Section 18.2-61.

How could a Sexual Assault Lawyer Help?

A lawyer would help you get all sorts details of your cases sorted; he would discuss the case, its possible outcomes, and the repercussions –if any- of the verdict for the case. A Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer would work with you to help and get through all of the legal procedures in a smooth fashion, help you formulate your statements for court and make sure that you get cleared of the case without facing any consequences and with least amount of damage to you. Furthermore, Your Sexual Assault Defense Attorney would help you with the following:

Make sure to use all resources to build a strong case:

A skilled and expert Sexual assault attorney would in detail discuss the case with you and uncover several details that might help you strengthen your case. He may find possible witnesses, secure surveillance details, and further documents or related information, and use them to secure your case, and strengthen it.

Inform you of your rights.

The legal system is full of complex and tiny details, which makes you vulnerable, as you would not be aware of your rights. An attorney would be aware of all such details, and would assist you through every legal detail.

Would guide you through local justice system.

An experienced sexual assault defense lawyer would pertain knowledge of the ins and outs of the local courts and judiciary systems and would be fairly familiar with all the rules, judges, and prosecution. These insights may come handy and may be crucial for building a successful defense strategy for your case.

Keep you updated on important details of your case.

With a defense attorney with you, you would always have someone you could trust to give you all the insights on how the trial is on way and what may happen next. These reality checks may come in handy when deciding whether or not to accept a plea bargain.

Negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors.

The prosecutors are usually very unwilling to negotiate with the defendants who are representing themselves. They would however, talk to the defense attorney to reduce your sentence if you agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge. And make other such deals, which might favor you.

Help clean up your permanent record.

If you are convicted of the sexual assault as guilty, the lawyer could help you by asking the judge for a lesser charge, a defense lawyer would too, be able to help you get a new start by deleting and eliminating your conviction. This would make your criminal records come clean when applying for jobs or schools in the future.