Solicitation of minor Fairfax Virginia

According to laws, the minor is the child whose age is under 18 years. The forceful sexual act with the child is considered as serious crime. The person who files a case with police must have to take in front of the child as prove a solicitation case. The state’s law for the punishment of the criminal varies from state to state. The criminals are charged with the felony of the third degree or second degree depending on the age of the child as well as the severity of the crime.

Elements to prove solicitation

In order to prove the solicitation, the prosecutor has to prove some important elements. That is the age of the minor must be less than 18 or 17 years depending. The defendant has forcefully aroused these sexual desires and did this shameful act. To communicate with minor with sex related discussion is also considered as a crime. The distribution of the sexually explicit material to the minor is also lie in the category of solicitation. Sending mails or text messages with some sexual content the criminal convincing any type of illegal sexual act through communicating sources will be charged with a specific penalty as stated by a particular state.

Virginia law for solicitation

Virginia law of solicitation is very strict. No criminal is allowed to get any kind of compensation in making this offense. According to class 5 Felony, the criminal has to face the penalty of up to $100,000 with the prison from 5 to twenty years depending on the severity of the case. As the internet use is getting higher day by day so the criminals are present on different social media. They have many tricks to attract children especially teenagers towards them. Any kind of email or message for exposure of the private parts is considered as a crime.

Hire a lawyer

To get rid of such criminal it is important to hire a lawyer. This will help you to increase the chance that no one will try to commit such crime with your child. In Fairfax Virginia, you can hire an attorney through Law offices of SRIS P.C.  The team of the efficient lawyers is working on this crime for many years. We provide a maximum defense to our client. We prepare a case on the basis of different facts. We discuss different questions with the child. Like the entrapment or threat for force exposure of body parts or checking mails with this content.

It is important to ask different questions to the victim in order to provide the proper defense. The right legal representation of the file is the main aim of our team. That’s why they work for the case, take reference from previous cases and reach to the depth that why the criminal was doing so. Is that any aim to get some money from family or some other fact? We try to resolve all queries in short time to defend the case. Contact Law offices of SRIS P.C. and get satisfactory services you want for your case.