The reckless Driving violation in Petersburg Virginia

The reckless Driving violation in Petersburg Virginia is considered as one of the serious misdemeanours. The penalty of the charge can be same as assault or DUI and a one year jail or the fine of $2,500. In addition to that, the driving privileges of reckless driving violators can be suspended for six months. It has been identified that if one is charged with this serious moving violation, then it is necessary to hire services from a reckless driving lawyer as they may help the convicted individual to move out of this situation.

Moreover, there are serious penalties for reckless driving in Petersburg.  In this sense, the Reckless Driving violation in Petersburg Virginia is not a single offence, rather it is considered as a compilation of thirteen traffic charges. Furthermore, it is viewed by the government as the greatest threat to the people and their property in the moving violations. The situation can occur in any street of Petersburg and this can include excessive speed, racing, several passing violations and the inability to control vehicle which is referred as faulty brake statue. Most often, in the first conviction, the fine could be $500 along with a weekend in jail. On the other hand, there is a danger of losing the license. It also includes the fact that, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record, six points will be added. These will stay for at least eleven years, therefore, it implies that there will be far-reaching effects in the mobility after even a first conviction.

Therefore, these demerit points on the driving record can result in higher insurance rates and suspension of the driver’s license. In contrast to that, there are certain rules and regulations to fight with the traffic ticket. If one believes that he/she is not guilty of the violation of traffic ticket then such individual can attend the court appearance and plead for not guilty. It is also recommended to check Petersburg traffic ticket for further instructions. Considerably, there are different fines and penalties for the commercial drivers. If an individual is having a commercial driving license then such individual is obliged to notify the employer of being convicted of a traffic violation within the 30 days. This is also the case even if the driver is not driving any commercial vehicle.

On the other hand, the Reckless Driving violation in Petersburg Virginia without a valid driving license will bring more serious consequences for individuals. This act may bring a discretionary reduction of 12 months in jail or a penalty of up to five years prison. Since it also includes a fine of $2,500, therefore, it becomes extremely important for a convicted individual to hire services from the experienced lawyer to fight the case of Reckless Driving violation in Petersburg Virginia. If it is proven as an enhanced penalty that the individuals were operating the handheld device while driving, then there is a possibility that a fine of $250 will be added to reckless driving conviction. In contrast to that, if the virtual explosion of texts while driving have been observed then it will result in serious accidents and tickets. Therefore, the facts identified above implies that Reckless Driving violation in Petersburg Virginia tends to bring serious charges for drivers and for its defence, there is a need to hire the services of a lawyer.