Virginia Statutory Rape Laws

20 crimes have been defined for the use of Virginia in connection with crimes related to sexual violence. It may be used legally for offenses against possible convictions in accordance with the constitutively legally established criteria, but the offenses that have been changed by law or enforcement often used by statutory laws are used to take legal action wrongly.

For added statistics on crime definition, select the rules for prosecutions (allegations, guilt, etc.) and of others.

Adultery and fornication from people who have been forbidden to marry

Virginia National regulations § 18.2-366, class 1 guilty; Class III is the third crime; Prison 5th

Unusual Sexual Sexuality STATUTORY

Virginia National Law § 18.2-67

Acute sexual battery

Virginia National Law § 18.2-67.5, Section 6 Crime

The force of the forces of Sodomy

Virginia National Regulations § 18.2-67

Attempting to seize objects

Law of Virginia Law § 18.2-67.5, Class 4 crime


Virginia National Law § 18.2-sixty-seventh, fourth-class criminal

I tried sex batteries

Virginia county law § 18.2-67. Class 1 sinner

Probation, Arbitrary, Prostitution, Detention, or Pre-trial Inquiry

Regulation of the Kingdom of Virginia § 18.2-64 four

Knowledge of specific youths is statutory

Virginia National Law § 18.2-64.1, Class 6 Prison

Gemstones between thirteen and fifteen years are statutory

Virginia National Regulations § 18.2-sixty-year-old, Class 4 offense

Enforced zodiac

Virginia National Regulations § 18.2-67.1, guilty


Virginia State regulation § 18.2-366, class 1 guilty

Infected sex batteries

Virginia Regulations § 18.2-67.4: 1, Class 1 guilty; The 6th crime

Sexual distribution. the Constitution

Virginia National Law § 18.2-sixty-seven

Propagation through the mouth of an infant’s mouth

Virginia National Law § 18.2-370.6, Class 1 is a guilty person

Penalizing the guilty plea of the third offense

The law of the Virginia kingdom § 18.2-sixty seven .5: 1, class 6 prison


Virginia State Regulation § 18.2-61, Culprit

Child molestation sexual abuse 15 statutory

Virginia National Regulations § 18.2-67. Four: 2, 1 class guilty

Sexual battery

Virginia National Law § 18.2-67. Now, class 1 guilty

Getting unbounded independence with a child through an amateur or supervisor advisor statutory

Law of Virginia Law § 18.2-370.1, Class 5 Prison; 6th class is legal

Abuse with children

Virginia National Regulations § 18.2-370; Class 4 offense; 5 class criminal